Přehled skladeb interpreta - Monkey Business

A Song For All Nations
Ace Kisser
All The Bitches
All The Things
Allah Took My Tartar Sauce
Am I An Airhead?
Amp On 11
Are You Shure?
Art Of Apology
Artistic Suicide
Atheism Is Not A Crime
Autism of Internal Jokes
Bad Time for Gentlemen
Banging on the drum
Batteries And Dynamite
Be a Man
Be A Man by Light and Love
Be A Man by Pub Animals
Beat Crusher
Beat Crusher by Dafonic feat. Sia Sai
Blue Light Baggie Bingo
Blue Light Baggie Bingo by Mydy Rabycad
Blue Light Baggie Bingo by The Fakes
Blue Umbrella
Bob Marley's Soccer Shoes
Compass point
Concrete Illusions
Cpt. Pheromone and Sgt. Nicotine
Diamonds and rust (feat. joan baez)
Do it! (if you don't have any children)
Don´t Touch My Fruit
Eat Me Oh Mylady
Eleven retards
Even Eternity Will End One Day
Far Away Form Evil Horses
Fatal Tempo
Fathers fail (interstellar)
Female Slaves And Beer
Final Truth About Music
Fly high
Freedom on sale
Fuck neutrality
German party
God Is A Goalie
God save the band
Gumball (feat. Glenn Hughes)
Guru in Subaru
Guru In Subaru by Carpet Cabinet
Happiness of postmodern age
Harder Than Your Father
Heartburn (feat. Joan Baez)
Heaven Heaven
Hi & Stereo
History Of Pathos (feat. Glenn Hughes)
Chaos is the key
Chick Flick
Id Song
John Holmes Was My Platonic Lover
Jolana the Exciter
Jolana The Exciter by The Documents feat. Miroslav Hloucal
Kick the stupid
Kings Of Discotheque
Kiss me on my ego
Kit Bike
London Dealing
Love is hell
Midlife punk's dilemma (feat. Ashley slater)
MJ Is 50
Monkey Town
Mr. Egg
Mr. Egg by Jiří Burian
My 80's Penis
My Day Is A Russian Play
My first daimler (feat. Joan Baez)
My Friends
Now I’m Here
Objects Of Desire And Other Complications
Old Schooler
One boy one girl
Party Shit
Pick that Bone
Pick That Bone by Mr. Moustache
Piece Of My Life
Pils And Girls
Prisoners of Superlatives
Purified Juice
Realistic romantics
Resistance is futile
Right People
Rockin At The Lobby Bar feat. monkey bussiness
Rockin' at the lobby bar
Saturday Night Is Over
Saturday Night Is Over (2)
Saturday Night Is Over (MB Hymnus)
Save The Robots
Sex and Sport? Never!
Sex And Sport? Never! by Grove
Solidarnozsc (2)
Stars delight
Sweet Masturbation
Sweet Years Of Procrastination
Talking animals
The ferry tale
The ferry tale (kraak and smaak boogie mix)
The Golden Age is Gone
Time For The Payback
Too Fat To Work
Twilight Of Jesters
Unhappy Hippie
Unhappy Hippie by Ecson Waldes
Up to speed now
We Are Too Nice
We Feel Better Than Jan Hus
We luv ya
Wedding Song
Weekend Warrior
Who Killed My Libido?
Worst Lover Ever
Your girl looked like bill ward on the cover of sabotage